Media & Publishing

We advise leading media and publishers in all aspects of their business, including corporate and commercial matters, advertising, marketing, endorsement, sponsorship, talent and influencer agreements, intellectual property, privacy and other regulatory matters.


Digital and Print Publishers

We advise digital and print publishers in a variety of matters including freelance and affiliate agreements (pay-for-performance marketing), clearance and rights matters, created and user generated content, social media, and intellectual property and regulatory matters (FCC and FTC).  We also represent clients in unfair online business practices claims, domain trademark, search engine, ADA compliance, and privacy matters.


Media, Event, Sponsorship, Advertising, and Influencer Agreements

We advise, draft, and negotiate, agency, client, barter, master service, subcontractor, promotion, event, influencer, talent, licensing, production, and sales agreements.  In addition, we advise and negotiate event, sponsorship, and advertising agreements. 


License and Acquire Rights

We advise brand holders, agencies, and talent on rights for use in marketing communications, and negotiate acquisition of rights. 


Social Media and Influencers Compliance

We advise and negotiate social media and influencer marketing and branding, as well as advise on  FTC and FCC enforcement of advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns. 


Sweepstakes and Giveaways

We regularly advise on sweepstakes, skill contests, giveaways, coupons, rebates, and other promotions.


Privacy & Data Protection

We help advertising agencies and brands comply with privacy and date protection regulations.


Advertising and Marketing Strategies

We advise on  the development of  campaigns, user-generated content, and media content development for marketing.  We also advise on campaigns, including talent agreements, endorsement, lender agreements.


Branded Strategies

We counsel clients seeking to create marketing campaigns with influencers, talent, sponsorships, and we regularly advise on user generated and other custom content. 


Clearance Rights

We help clients clear their work through all forms of media.


Regulatory and Compliance Matters 

We advise clients on compliance matters with all government and industry rules and regulations, including GDPR, FTC and FCC enforcement.  We also advise on comparative advertising and other disputes between competitors.  In addition we assist our client with understanding ever changing terms of use for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.


M&A, Private Equity & Venture Capital

We negotiate and structure mergers and sales of advertising, public relations, and promotion agencies and consultancies.  In additional we have advised and structured private equity and venture capital transactions for media platforms.


Corporate Formation and Joint Ventures

We advise emerging brands, entrepreneurs, and investors on business formation strategies and structures.


Corporate Governance

We advise boards of directors and individual executives on corporate governance, risk reduction, liability avoidance, and tax reporting and disclosure requirements.


Corporate Matters

We advise, structure, and form companies, including brand holding companies, handle corporate governance, and securities matters. We also provide strategic advice on and structure and negotiate international cross-border mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, divestitures, franchises, and reorganizations.


Executive  and Creative Director Compensation Packages

We structure and negotiate executive and creative directors compensation, including structuring bonus, equity, stock option, severance, and other compensation packages.

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