Intellectual Property & Brand Management

Protecting intellectual property is of key importance in every industry. We have extensive experience advising companies in various litigation and technology matters, including trademark infringement, licensing and copyright issues.  We have served as lead counsel in the negotiation of licensing, strategic partnership and marketing agreements related to accessories, apparel and other consumer product lines on behalf of global brands, including deals in excess of $150+ million in royalty fees.


Our clients rely on our experience and creativity to enhance the value of their protected intellectual property through licensing agreements.   We have provided our clients with extensive consulting services interpreting license agreements drafted by other attorneys.  We advise companies in various litigation and technology matters, including trademark infringement, licensing and copyright issues.  In addition, we frequently draft and negotiate trade secret and trademark agreements for a wide variety of client purposes.  Services include:


Copyright and Trademark Availability and Registration  

We review, develop, register, and protect names, logos, hashtags, taglines, and other marks worldwide.  We work with a strategic global network of foreign counsel  (such as the European Union and Hong Kong) where trademark registrations may be obtained.


Review Intellectual Property Rights

We help clients determine "fair use" and advise on infringement matters.


License and Acquire Rights

We draft and negotiate licensing, joint venture, co-existence, composite IP, and grant of rights agreements.



We help clients and related rights holders to develop and implement anti-counterfeiting strategies and initiatives (investigation, litigation and non-litigation strategies) to combat counterfeiting and privacy.  We work closely with clients to investigate and seek successful resolution, including law enforcement in various jurisdictions (with our global affiliates); customs authorities; and local regulatory authorities.  This includes:

  • Auditing cybersquatting and domain infringement;

  • Auditing online imposter clients;

  • Managing online enforcement programs to reduce counterfeit and gray market products on e-commerce and social media sites;

  • Implementing customs enforcement programs;

  • Ongoing audits of trademarks and copyrights; and

  • Managing enforcement actions.


Structure M&A

We have helped negotiate and structure over mergers and sales of intellectual property portfolios, and licensing and portfolio companies.

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