Entertainment, Talent & Sports

Rodriguez LLC has extensive knowledge of, and experience with, the legal and business aspects of entertainment, sports, and talent, representing athletes, influencers, talent, independent producers, new media companies, financial institutions, investors, financiers and other institutional and individual entertainment, media and convergence clients around the world in connection with all aspects of the development, production, acquisition and worldwide distribution of motion pictures, television programming, and streaming and other content.


Rodriguez LLC advises clients in: copyright and other intellectual property matters, clearance/rights issues, complex chain of title review and analysis, employment and guild matters, and bank and other forms of single and multiple picture production financing, including international joint ventures, co-productions, and output deals.  


Rodriguez LLC has structured and negotiated a wide variety of agreements including option and acquisition of literary property rights agreements; revenue sharing agreements; affiliation agreements; library acquisitions; agreements relating to equity investments in media companies; first look agreements; licensing and merchandising; sports and other live events; publishing arrangements; book publishing; recording, soundtrack, and music publishing deals; and executive employment agreements.  Services include:


Athlete, Influencer, and Talent Representation

We advise athletes, influencers and creative talent, providing brand management and strategies, and negotiating all forms of talent, collaborations, endorsements, and sponsorship agreements.  We work closely with a client’s other professional advisors on all matters.


Rights Management 

We assist clients, agents and managers, literary agents, on exploiting and securing licensing and merchandising - as well as  advertising, marketing, packaging, and public relations matters.  We also advise on rights availability of and secure trademarks, names, designs, slogans, advertising, packaging, and marketing plans, and we file trademark applications and registrations in the U.S. and abroad.


Ancillary Business Opportunities

We advise athletes, brands, celebrities, influencers and other talent on exploiting and vetting ancillary revenue and brand opportunities, from licensing programs, appearances, collaborations, sponsorships, and other joint ventures.  


Protect Intellectual Property

We develop and protect copyright, trademark, publicity, and other intellectual property rights, and we review screenplays, film, television, and online content for defamation, infringement, and other risks.


Rights Acquisition

We negotiate options and otherwise secure rights necessary for our clients to move projects forward in all media.


Develop Brand Holding Companies and Structures

We advise our clients on the optimal business entity for brand-building ventures, achieving tax advantages and other client goals.


Structure Finance and Distribution

We structure motion picture and television financing agreements – including development, production, “negative pick-up,” distribution, and acquisition agreements; and we negotiate territorial pre-sale, private equity, secured transactions, and other forms of financing.


Advise on Private Placements and Joint Ventures

We advise on structure and documentation for private placements to raise financing for individual motion pictures, television projects, live stage productions, and slate financing for film and theatre producers and investors, ancillary branded ventures, and development of athlete and talent brands.


Launch Brands, Capsule Collections and Other Products

We advise and assist clients to develop and achieve strategic business objectives and exploit licensing and merchandising opportunities in countless markets, including apparel, home goods, lifestyle, food, fashion accessories, and other goods and services.


Negotiate Compensation Packages

We use negotiate and structure employment contracts with competitive salary, bonus, and severance provisions.


Act as Production and Financing Counsel

We act as production and financing counsel for feature films; television motion pictures and series; news, sports, and other scripted and non-scripted programming; and theatre projects.

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