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Advertising, Branding & Public Relations

We represent globally recognized advertising, marketing, branding, and public relations companies in all facets of their business, including commercial agreements, new media and emerging technologies, social media, regulatory matters, intellectual property, rights clearances, infringement matters, events, and crisis management.


Advise and Negotiate Agreements

We advise, draft, and negotiate, agency, client, barter, master service, subcontractor, promotion, event, influencer, talent, licensing, production, and sales agreements.


License and Acquire Rights

We advise brand holders, agencies, and talent on rights for use in marketing communications, and negotiate acquisition of rights. 


Social Media and Influencers

We advise and negotiate social media and influencer marketing and branding, as well as advise on  FTC and FCC enforcement of advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns.


Sweepstakes and Giveaways

We regularly advise on sweepstakes, skill contests, giveaways, coupons, rebates, and other promotions.



We help advertising agencies and brands comply with privacy regulations.


Advertising and Marketing Strategies

We advise on  the development of  campaigns, user-generated content, and media content development for marketing.


Set Up Compliance Plans

We provide training sessions for in-house legal and marketing departments, and we help clients set up advertising compliance plans and legal review procedures.


Structure M&A

We negotiate and structure mergers and sales of advertising, public relations, and promotion agencies and consultancies.

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